RSG Abatement & Demolition

About Us

RSG Abatement & Demolition, Corp is a licensed and certified asbestos and demolition contractor. Our service coverage area is wide; we go where people need us – north, south, east and west within Washington state. Small job? Large job? We do it all so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ve got you covered.

What makes us unique from other companies out there? You should choose us as your abatement or demolition contractor not just because of our cleanliness, fast response time, and excellent, straight-forward communication - and not just because our employees are expertly trained in their field or because we ensure regulatory compliance - but because of our progressive and caring attitude towards our employees, which by nature extends to our customers.

We work with a wide variety of people – from homeowners, general contractors, restoration companies, insurance companies, and government agencies to realtors and property managers.

Our employees undergo annual AHERA certification and are CPR and first aid trained. Because of these strict requirements, we don’t hire temporary workers and we strive to develop employees and promote from within. Safety is also a huge focus and extends from our shop to each jobsite we’re on.

We realize we cannot be a successful company without full commitment from our employees – all employees. From field professionals to office professionals, we are a company that holds its employees to a high standard of integrity. We are a company that values its people by offering a safe and fun place to work and excellent benefits, and we encourage the implementation of new ideas. Teamwork. Safety. Communication. Commitment.


We are committed to providing you with all services you may need as far as asbestos and lead testing and abatement, mold removal, and general demolition. No need to go to one company for testing or a Good Faith Survey, and another for abatement, and yet another for demolition – we’re there to schedule the process from the beginning and will see the project through to the end. We strive to ensure the process goes as efficiently as possible to minimize disruption to our customers' lives and schedules. We’ve established wonderful relationships with many leading general contractors and restoration and insurance companies. Continue reading for more details about the services we offer.


There are strict laws, federally and at the state level, for how asbestos must be removed and disposed of because of the dangers of exposure. All our workers are AHERA Certified. They complete a Washington State Certified 32-hour course which focuses on information concerning health effects, work practices, personal hygiene practices, respiratory protection, medical monitoring and surveillance, air monitoring, review of regulations, insurance and liability and hands-on training. This course meets the requirements of EPA TSCA Title II, 29 CFR 1926.1101 and WAC 296-65 for asbestos abatement workers.

Our asbestos supervisors complete a Washington State Certified 40-hour course that includes the same content as the Asbestos Worker course plus supervision and management, setting up engineering controls and conducting air monitoring with hands-on exercises on setting up equipment, enclosures, and decontamination units.

Certification license cards are issued from the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries.